Sub in the City

Sub in the City

Sarah Butcher | BDSM Coach & Kink Educator 

Empowering you to own your kink

BDSM Coach & Kink Educator, empowering you to consciously explore what BDSM means to you.

As a BDSM Coach, Kink Educator and proudly collared submissive, with over a decade of personal experience on the BDSM Scene,  I’m on a mission to bring BDSM into the 21st Century and empower curious kinksters like yourself to consciously explore your desires with confidence. 

Through my workshops, talks and 1-1 coaching sessions, I provide a safe space for you to dive deep into your desires to gain clarity and confidence in communicating these with your partner(s).

About Sarah

Sarah Butcher is a sex-positive coach and sex educator, with over 10 years’ personal experience in BDSM and kink. Sarah shares her wealth of knowledge through her educational workshops, seminars and talks, both on and offline on variety of topics including sexual desire, consent, communication, aftercare & more. 

Whether you’re looking to explore power play, role play s or you just want to find out what fantasies you enjoy, Sub in the City is a hub of knowledge and sex education that is friendly, honest, and approachable.

Sarah’s goal is to empower you to explore your sexuality and relationships through 1-1 couples and individual  coaching sessions, providing a safe and welcoming space for you to gain a deeper understanding of different practices so that you can introduce them into your relationship with confidence.

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Events & Workshops

I host a number of educational workshops and events on  both online and in-person. If you would like to book me for your event, or to book a private workshop, please email me at

My Blog

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What do people say?

"The six weeks to own your kink course was everything I expected and more! From the informative lessons and kinky homework, to my interactions with Sarah and my classmates, I finished the course with a more open mind and a better understanding of BDSM. The confidence I gained is immeasurable"

- Monica G, Texas
"Sarah is the best BDSM coach around! I feel so confident and able to proceed being a Domme thanks to her. 10/10 reach out to her if you're looking for guidance"

- Daisy S, Boston
"BDSM 101 was a fun and interesting experience, and we’ve

already started applying some of the tricks together at home!"

- BDSM 101 attendees