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6-week Conscious Kink Course to explore what BDSM means to you and create aligned kinky experiences.


It’s time to get out of your head and into your body to connect or re-connect to your kinks

Are you looking to explore your kinky desires on a deeper level? Perhaps you’ve been exploring kink for a while now and have a great time, but you want to take things to the next level? Or perhaps you’re brand new to kink and don’t even know where to start. If any of that sounds like you, then join me to kick start your new year by owning your kinky desires in just 6 weeks.

This 6-week Conscious Kink course is about getting super clear in your kinky desires and consciously creating experiences that are aligned with your desires. Whether you’re looking to co-create a committed Dom/sub dynamic, or you simply want to understand the kinky activities you enjoy so you can enjoy your experiences with more confidence and clarity, then this course is for you.

Singled or partnered of any identity or constellation, each module is designed to get you thinking more consciously about your kinky pleasure (or pain).

You’ll receive an email each week with a different topic, featuring a combination of video, audio, pdf and workbook content, including homework each week that will help you to connect with your kinky desires. At the end of the six weeks, you’ll have a new-found sense of confidence, motivation, inspiration, and connection that will give you permission to truly own your kinky desires.

You’ll also get a bonus Q&A session on the 7th week and access to a members forum where you can ask questions, share discussions, and connect. 

Want the VIP experience? Choose the VIP option to include a 1-hour online coaching session on week 7 to get personalised guidance. 

The Course outline is as follows:

1. Understanding, communicating and negotiating your kinky desires.

Everyone’s definition of kink is different, so simply stating what you’re into often isn’t enough for someone else to truly understand the depths of your desires. This week we will be mapping out your desires and getting super clear in what you want from your kinky experiences, including what kink means to you, and what you are looking for in a kinky partner. This will serve as a solid foundation for building on a current dynamic/relationship or attracting the right experiences as you move forward in your kink exploration. You’ll get journal prompts and questions to help you dive deep into your desires – think of this like a kinky vision board session.

2. All about consent: Understanding consent models and getting comfortable in your fuck yes’s and fuck no’s for more pleasurable BDSM.

Now you’re clear on what you want in your head, we will work on getting you super in-touch with your fuck yes and your fuck no in your body.  Getting confident in voicing your desires, learning more about your verbal and non-verbal cues, and feeling safe to express them will allow you to surrender deeper for more pleasurable and fulfilling experiences. You’ll get a breakdown of the different styles of consent as well as journal prompts to help you get clear in how you like to express and receive consent.

3. Your BDSM scene building toolkit

This week I will show you the roadmap to building exciting BDSM scenes. You’ll learn the main things to consider when mapping out a scene, and find a new way of using your imagination to come up with new ideas rather than repeating the same things over and over. This week will leave you feeling inspired and ready to dive into more fulfilling kinky scenes with confidence. Not only will you get each stage of a scene mapped out for you in a template you can apply to your own desires, but I’ll give you some example scenes to kick-start your imagination and build confidence in your own scene creation skills.

4. Rules & Rituals for dropping into your kink space inside and outside of the bedroom

This week I’ll show you the impact rules and rituals can have on your kinky mindset and give you some examples of how you can drop into your kink headspace whenever you want, dependent on the lifestyle you’re looking to create. Whether you practice kink in the bedroom only or you want to start to create more of a committed D/s dynamic, adding in some intentional practices can be a great way to wear your kinky hat more frequently than you currently are. You’ll get templates for writing out your own rules and rituals, as well as a whole list of suggestions for rules and rituals you can apply to your dynamic.

5. Utilising Anticipation: How to talk dirty and drive your partner wild

Anticipation is 80% of what makes BDSM so delicious. We can gain a lot from the power of our words in kink, so this week is dedicated to building upon your confidence in voicing your desires, not just for consent purposes, but to enhance anticipation and play. “Dirty talk” doesn’t have to be as difficult as it seems, and this week I’ll give you some top tips for slowing things down, building tension, and how to talk dirty to your partner to drive them wild with anticipation.

6. Discover your kinky love language to support in maintaining your kinky dynamic

How can you keep things kinky as you move throughout life? If you feel like you’re quick to lose the spark or the consistency in your kinky lifestyle, then there’s one way you can keep yourself from hitting that plateau. Learning your kinky love language can be key to how you like to express your kink identity and the ways in which you like to engage in kinky connection. This can be a great tool to help you tailor your experiences in ways that truly get you and your partner(s) fired up. This module is all about embracing all of the ways we can feel, both internally and externally, focusing on the different senses. You’ll also understand how your attachment style can be key to understanding your patterns of relating and either enhance your hinder your experiences.

7. Bonus Q&A and troubleshooting to futureproof your kink practices

Submit your questions to be answered in the final Q&A session.

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