Sub in the City

An Introduction to Submission

An Introduction to Submission

Thursday 18tth July 2024 @7.30PM ONLINE

Do you want to explore and understand your submissive desires more deeply? Do you want to feel confident in what you want and find a Dom that’s right for you? Whether you’re in a relationship or single, you’re completely new to BDSM or still don’t know if submission is your thing, this workshop is for you.

Perhaps you have a little experience but the experiences you’ve had so far don’t quite live up to your expectations, or you want some tips on how to fully embrace your submissive side with a new or existing partner…

I am welcoming subs/switches of all genders and orientations to this introduction to submission, where I’ll be talking you through some of the different elements of submission, how it works, and how to find a Dom that’s right for you. Topics we’ll cover include:

• What is a submissive?

• What are the benefits of submitting?

• Blocks to submission

• making the most of your submissive experience

• Subspace/subdrop

• Your responsibilities as a submissive

• Embracing your feminine energy

• What to look for in a Dom

• Saying “no”

This workshop will encourage you to think about what you want and feel confident in your kinks.

My workshops provide a safe space for open-minded people who are curious to learn more about BDSM practices.

This session will be recorded and all ticket holders will receive the recording.

To see what other workshops will be running in the future, check out the events page or keep an eye on my Instagram.

Intro to submission


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