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Primal Play

Primal Play: Embody your Insinctual & Animalistic Desires

Thursday 17th October @7.30pm ONLINE ZOOM

Have you ever been curious about your most raw desires and urges? Perhaps you like the idea of rough play during sex, or have a desire to regress to an animalistic state where you can devour or be devoured?

In this workshop, BDSM Coach & Kink Educator Sarah Butcher, will be exploring the topic of Primal Play, to give you an insight into what it is, how to explore it, and things to consider when exploring it. This workshop is open to anyone who is curious about this kink, and will give you the opportunity to think about your desires on a deeper level.

This workshop will cover:

  • What is Primal Play
  • Predator vs Prey – roles and dynamics
  • Physical/Psychological Primal Play
  • Overlaps with Pet Play and CNC
  • Things to consider when exploring
  • Aftercare, Communication & Consent

This is an online workshop and will be in seminar style. Please bring a notebook and pen if you’d like to take notes and reflect.

If you have any questions prior to booking, please email me at

Primal Play


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