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primal play

What is Primal Play?

Primal Play merges the boundaries between the human and the animal world, in this guide, I talk you through this fantasy world where the participants become the hunters and the hunted.

But what is Primal Play??

“Primal Play” refers to a specific type of role-playing and power exchange between individuals and can often be linked with dom or sub roles. It involves exploring and embodying primal or animalistic instincts and behaviors within a consensual and negotiated setting. In essence, it involves the ‘players’ taking on the role of a predator such as a lion or a wolf, and chasing down their prey with both parties roleplaying an animal.

In Primal Play as a kink, participants tap into their primal or animal personas, often taking on these roles as “predator” and “prey.” This type of play can involve growling, biting, scratching, wrestling, and other physical and instinctual behavior but of course, should always be done within the boundaries set out before the session. Remember – A safe word is a good idea in all BDSM settings.

Primal Play allows participants to explore their raw, instinctual nature and can involve elements of dominance, submission, and surrender. It often focuses on intense sensory experiences, heightened emotions, and a deep connection with one’s primal self.

Why do people enjoy it?

People enjoy primal play for various reasons, as it can provide a unique and fulfilling experience within the realm of BDSM and kink. If you think Primal Play might be for you then below outlines some reasons why other individuals find enjoyment in getting back to nature:

1. Connection to primal instincts:

Engaging in primal play allows all parties to tap into their innate, animalistic nature. It offers an opportunity to explore and express raw emotions, desires, and instincts in a consensual and controlled environment. This can be liberating and empowering for many participants.

2. Intense sensory experiences:

Primal play often involves heightened sensory experiences, such as physical touch, biting, scratching, growling, or wrestling. These sensations can create a heightened state of arousal, pleasure, and stimulation for those involved.

3. Power dynamics:

Primal play typically incorporates power dynamics, where one person takes on a dominant role (predator) and the other a submissive role (prey). This power exchange can appeal to individuals who enjoy exploring dominance and submission dynamics and the associated psychological and emotional aspects.

4. Catharsis and release:

Engaging in primal play can offer a cathartic release of pent-up emotions, stress, or energy. It allows participants to let go of inhibitions, embraces their instincts, and experience a sense of freedom and release from societal norms or constraints.

5. Role exploration and fantasy:

Primal play allows individuals to step into different roles and personas, enabling them to explore fantasies and desires that they may not have the opportunity to express in their everyday lives. It provides an avenue for creative expression and escapism.

6. Connection and intimacy:

Primal play can deepen the emotional and physical connection between partners. The intensity of the experience, combined with the trust and communication required, can foster a sense of closeness and intimacy between participants.

Ok, I’m ready – how do I start?

When you are ready to add Primal Play to your play sessions start with a little research. There are various videos online but take them with a pinch of salt, typing Primal Play into Pornhub is likely to give you some rather one-sided takes on the activity…

Start off with a discussion between players on what you’d like from the session and what your boundaries are. Outline the roles, will you be the predator or prey? You could even both be predators and involve a lot more playfighting and simulated aggression in the session. The key to the session going well is that you are with someone you are fully comfortable with and are free to let yourself go in order to really get into the persona of your animal. Often sessions involve a chase, playfighting, scratching, hair pulling, restraint, licking, and ultimately sex but your session can go exactly as you want it to. Have fun and remember to set yourselves a safe word.

It’s worth mentioning that kink activities can vary greatly between individuals, and each person’s preferences and boundaries should always be respected. Clear communication, consent, and negotiation are essential when engaging in any form of BDSM or kink play, including Primal Play.A 

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