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After discovering kink at University and wanting to learn more, I quickly realised that the internet was full of very dark content and misinformation, which led me to make many mistakes throughout my own BDSM journey. As an aspiring submissive eager to please, I wasn’t communicating my needs correctly, which often led to unenjoyable and sometimes even dangerous experiences.

Looking back on those experiences, I realise I wasn’t approaching BDSM in the right way. BDSM can be a great tool for catharsis and escapism, but I was using it for all the wrong reasons. I wasn’t doing it for me, but rather searching for validation in others through kink.


After many years of searching desperately for the “perfect Dom”, only to be used, let down and unable to create the authentic connection I desired, I finally found the right balance of kink in my life. Along the way BDSM taught me a great deal about myself, it taught me how to express my needs, set clear boundaries and truly express my sexuality unashamedly in a way that felt right for me, and I want to be able to share those learnings with others.

The media’s portrayal of kink has done wonders for people’s confidence (thank you Fifty Shades) but there’s still a lot of grey (excuse the pun) areas that need to be addressed and I am on a mission to fill in those grey areas. Everyone’s BDSM journey is different, and there’s so much that can be taken from BDSM and kink experiences including self-awareness, deep healing and greater intimacy with yourself and your partner.

Kink is a power exchange and once you understand that your needs matter and how to negotiate those needs, you can begin to experience all the benefits of BDSM and reach new heights with your partner. I can’t wait to help you navigate your own kinky desires to help you achieve the sex life you deserve.

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